Excerpts from Metal Defector



A mega bucket

Borrowed from Tesco

Sunblushed Scots enter

Counting pockets


Shouted from either side of the bed

Ripped open mouths from which

Eyeballs protrude



Black crayon rubbed all over



Top and tail

Skin peeling

Heavy Breathing

Falling asleep


A Season in Doubt:


Part 1

Sacred cats scarred with blue eyes.

Small flowers tangled between the hairs of my leg

Shiny bodies

Always thinking of what happened before

Aztec insects smooching

Your backbone is me

Sitting on a balcony

In Berlin

Leather man with a fan

Toilet attendant

“Hurry up everyone's gotta do their drugs too”

I watched him leave but he was still in front of me

The only thing stopping me is…

Two duelling butterflies

Trying to work it all out is as futile as a moth trying to get to the moon

A casual interaction

Places = Mist

Fictitious to those who never saw

All for one and one for


When we run our fingers across the railings

Does it make us feel like someone else is there?

Metal = Contact = Something

Part 2

14th of April on the 8th of July

The final countdown in an airport bar

Thinking of someone


Not used to feeling like this

Mind stuck in flashback mode

15 mile walk across Brandenburg

Centre to exit

Taking it

Even though you are fully aware that it is damaging you.

Scrubland surrounding potential


The hinterland where the gypsies live

Drooling at the thought of a travel lodge

Full on serotonin depletion

Getting the fear

Trembling through security

Got the fear

Falling in love a little bit

Getting the fear

Got the fear

Holding hands in the back of a cream coloured taxi

Turkish eyes dart down the central mirror

Disapproving look

Coupled with

Disappearing luck


Double D’s

Your head on my shoulder

You place my arm around your neck

Gentile warts

Status Quo

They announce the gate has opened

Leaving again


Part 3

Mistaking an ’S’ for an eel along Waltersdorfer

Intertwined in a barrel and

Sprawled across a single bed in an unfurnished room

Two hung up to smoke

A future Tomb

Aware of your size and my severed tongue

Disco injury inside the cave of little communication

“Turning up out of the blue”


Wish i could stay a little longer with you

Your lips are quite plump for a thin boy

Or maybe that was the ecstasy

Double dropping as the arrow inflicts a serious wound

Storm clouds over Europe

A turbulent return to nothing

A lesbian with the upper hand

Maybe the two of us are just gentile warts?

The retina scanner refused to work as we had consumed too much

Eyes shudder infrequently

Double flesh over sheetless beds

Swapping glasses so i can see the world like you do!

I found your tobacco in my pocket.

You didn’t text me back :(

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