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For his first solo exhibition at PAPER, Dan Szor will create a new installation for the gallery space. Close Too Civilisation presents sketches, workings out, screen grabs and found imagery, alongside staged self-portraiture to create a flurry of self-exploration concerning the current state of the humanity at the dawn of a new decade.

Szor’s work is concerned with issues of self and place within hegemonic situations. He is consistently in a loop of defining and then undermining ideas of selfhood and masculinity.

Just like Sam Becket in the TV series, Quantum Leap, he uses cultural and social artefacts as artifice – to create relics of an imagined past, present and future.

His approach incorporates established and overlooked visual tropes, to create a flux of narrative perspectives and alternative histories, exposing how we consume culture as part of our everyday subjectivity.

He is also from Stoke on Trent, and loves chicken nuggets.

A former gymnast and child star, Dan was once a Beaver, a Cub, but never a Scout…









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